How I got started

February 23, 2005 at 11:49 pm (Random Ramblings)

I mainly spend my free time writing. Be it short stories, screenplays, novels or poems and songs – that’s what I do. I love writing. It’s a form of therapy, I believe. A way of letting the demons out to play.

I tend to think of myself as a rather sane person when I write. Getting all those wicked thoughts and twisted ideas onto paper and “letting someone else be the crazy one” for a while…

I didn’t used to think much about what I wrote until I took a class in the artform of writing. I spent days out on a beautiful island, with an incredibly inspiring teacher who not only gave me more tools to express my imagination but also made me expand my horizons and believe in myself enough to dare taking the first step on a greater journey.

It sounds kind of cheesy, but she did alot for me. In giving me new ways to think of my writing and the texts I were creating, she made me open up my eyes and ears. Previously, I had only written short stories that didn’t really mean much. I sought inspiration exclusivly in myself and my own experiances. That was my biggest problem! I never got anywhere with my writing because, frankly, I hadn’t been through that much at that point.

This teacher, combined with a psychology-teacher from high school and a teacher from grammar school, gave me the gift of being able to step into other people’s life. I had had all the tools for a very long time but only now, during this writing-class, I managed to piece them together and actually make use of them.

I write for the passion itself, not really knowing where I want it to lead, if anywhere…

Another thing I find interesting is to just be somewhere, where there are a lot of people, just watching and listening. Evesdrop on casual chit-chat, observe how people move, mentally noting how they act. This is my main source of inspiration!

I meet alot of people in my work, and a whole lot of really strong characters! Many of the people I have seen on a bus somewhere or waiting to pay in the grocery store has ended up as people in my vaious writing-projects.

Observing is a passtime that’s gravly underestimated!!!


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