Think Art – Think Film…. JUST THINK !

May 5, 2005 at 11:51 pm (Random Ramblings)

I used to be a movie-buff when I was younger. I knew everything there was to know about all the new films and I knew everything about every actor there was.This has changed. Luckily. There are a few actors who’s careers I try to follow. Try to see their films and their tv-shows, watch interviews with. But on the grander scale of things – I don’t know much about anything movie-wise these days.

I love going to the cinema and catch a film every now and then. But I’m a bit more choosy with what I see now than I used to be. Sometimes I just follow the flow and go and see the latest blockbuster, but I rarely find those movies very good.

Last “great” film I saw was on dvd. Dogville, by Lars Von Trier.

I was in a contemplating mood at the time and this film really blew my mind! I loved the story and how it made me think! I could really see myself in the people of the town. Identify with them. That freaked me out!
I understood Grace and rooted for her as the end drew near, and that was a little bit freaky too.

Then I got to thinking and started comparing it with the Kill Bill-films… Quite different but oh so similar!

I started thinking about how cool I thought Kill Bill was. What a wonderful entertainment-fest it had been to see. I thought about that The Bride was the cool chick in the nifty jumpsuit with all the shiny weapons. I thought about how I didn’t mind her going through the films killing off over a hundred people. Her goal was to kill five people who had done her wrong and ended up killing a couple of few more than that…. And I didn’t mind. It was good entertainment.

Then, as I thought back on Dogville, in which the people of the town do wrong by Grace and she ends up killing them as a form of “making the world a better place”. She orders the deaths of 16 people and 7 children (one of which an infant). And I felt so wrong about her doing that, yet I understood why and, as said, rooted for her.
I felt soooo bad for what she had done, yet good because I felt that they deserved what had come to them. I just felt evil!

And the remarcable thing was that I was disgusted with my feelings. Just a bit earlier I had been completely fine with Beatrix Kiddo killing over a hundred people, never thought twice about it. And now, all I could think was how awful it all was. What the towns-folk had done to Grace, I could recognize myself doing, and I understood Grace’s actions, but I felt very very sick by it!

Dogville is amongst my very favourite films of all time just because of the simple fact that it made me think in a way I, ashamed to say, hadn’t ever thought before! It was a new experiance for me in relation to films, and in my opinion – a Masterpiece!


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