Do Re Mi Fa So La . . .

August 27, 2005 at 11:53 pm (Random Ramblings)

Sharing rooms with an eight years older sister certainly put music in my blood!

I started out at age 2 with Carola, Abba and Madonna…… A bit too early to actually understand much, but hey! Could be worse! =)

From there I wandered into some “classic” artists, liking whatever my sister liked, and at age five I repetedly exclaimed my hate of the noice others called music. That was, of course, mostly due to the fact that my sister’s taste in music was, at the time, pretty much crap…….. =)

I found my own way soon enough and throughout the growing-up-years I’ve listened to pretty much everything. Nowadays I’m eclectic with only one exception which is RnB – I just can’t relate to it.

I listen to very different musicians. Everything from death metal to classical opera, even some groups that combine the two forms into a kick-ass genre! I like Sarah McLachlan, Lifehouse, Vertical Horizon, David Grey, Runrig, Ulf Lundell, Tracy Bonham, Tori Amos, The Ramones, Seal, New Found Glory, Mauro Scocco, Kent, HIM, Heart, Highwater Rising – just to name a tiny few.

The group that’s given me the most, or rather made me realize a great deal of things about myself, is Ainbusk. Four women that are simply MAGIC! Their lyrics may be simple, but they are true and genuine and if you ever are lucky enough to see them live – you can just feel their energy all around you.

It’s a bit funny, actually, I used to not like them at all five years ago! Quite the opposite, in fact. My sister was a big fan and always played their albums in the car. I used to get so sick and tired that I actually felt slightly mad when some of their songs came on.

Then – I got tickets to see the musical Chess in Stockholm, Sweden. They (the BB from Abba) had decided to bring the show home, so to speak. I had gotten really great seats (front and center) but was so-so about going. But I did, and Oh My God!!!! The musical was fantastic! Didn’t care that much for the story, but the actors were absolutely amazing!

It turned out that the woman portraying Svetlana was actually Josefin Nilsson, one of the ladies from Ainbusk. Her performance during her three songs just sucked me in and I was “home”, in lack of a better word. I then asked my sister for the Ainbusk albums and when I actually gave the music a chance – I completely woke up to it. It’s now what I listen to whenever I feel down, as their music bring back memories from their shows and the chemestry between them is infectious. If they’re happy – you’re happy!

For the past couple of years they’ve recognized me in the crowd, which is a pretty cool feeling. They have a lot of “regulars” that always populate the first couple of rows and there is a certain bond between them and us during the shows. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to give back the happiness and energy that they radiate from stage. They really show how happy they are to see you, and that is a special thing in their line of business.

Music is, as you probably understand, a huge deal in my life and I couldn’t possibly talk about every artist I’ve ever seen perform live, as that would simply take up too much space and take too much time.

I just love music. End of! =)


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