Energetic Shapes

April 3, 2006 at 11:54 pm (Random Ramblings)

So I recently visited a website that shall remain nameless, but nevertheless is important to me. I’ve been expanding my mind and awareness lately but oddly enough forgotten some of the simplest things there are!

As a little one I played alot with energy, which helped shape me into who I am today. Oooh, what a cliche you say. True! It is, but I do have a point.

This lovely website made me remember the fun I used to have just shifting energy around. So yesterday I decided to make myself an energy ball. It’s the simplest thing in the world and anyone can do it. So I upped the stakes and went for shapes! And lo and behold – I did it! Created some nice little circles, squares, rectangles and even a star!! That was a new achievement for me!

Anyhoo, lack of sleep and other issues are to blame for this rather lame rant but what I wanted to say is – never neglect the inner child. There’s too much fun at stake. Know it, feel it and stay in touch with it.

There, over and out.


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