Oh me good little gods!!!

December 18, 2006 at 12:15 pm (Random Ramblings)

Something uber-cool has happened!!

It was my best friend’s birthday on the 6th of this month and she’s a huge fan of the show Gilmore Girls. She’s also a so called “JavaJunkie” which is the “term” for fans who think Lorelai and Luke belong together…….. yada yada yada

So – for her b-day I had a pin made with a heart on it and the text “JavaJunkie” written on it, mostly just for fun. She gets very happy and snaps a pic of it and sends it to a friend of hers who just so happens to live close to the set where they shoot the show.

So long story short – This friend, who shall remain nameless, prints out the pic and brings it to the set, where she happens to run into – – – Lauren Graham (Lorelai)!!
She shows her the pic, which she (LG) finds “cute” and actually hangs on to in order to show Scott Patterson (Luke) – He finds it funny and then as a result – Lauren put the pic on her make-up-table!!!!!!!!!!!!

The photo of my little pin that I had made as a joke for my bessie mate’s b-day atually sits on Lauren Graham’s make-up-table!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!!!!!!!

*calming down – let’s move on*

I’ve come to realize in these past couple of months that I love Lucy. Lucy Lawless, that is. Not so much for what she does as for who she is, but I am very excited to see how her new career develops!

Anyroad – I came across her fan club some time back, joined and was immediatly impressed! This completely down-to-earth yet high-flying creature *really* knows how to make a fan feel welcome! I highly recommend a visit to the website if you have even the slightest interest in what she’s up to. Yesterday’s addition of the Christmas Video was a nice treat not often seen from someone of her line of work. (Sharon – You’re a star!)

Christmas! Yikes! Only a few days away now!
Tomorrow I’m heading north for Uppsala. Catching a Christmas show by Ainbusk. It’ll be the fifth year in a row now that I sit front and center at a show of their annual Christmas Tour.

Picked up their DVD a while back… The show they taped last year in Stockholm… Guess who’s face is visable quite a few times…?
Yupp, mine. Front and center, as always… Sorta feels a bit embarrasing, but I can’t really explain why.
The girls know who I am, since I keep showing up once a year. That might have something to do with it. It’s awesome to have a person you look up to recognize you and seemingly appreciate seeing you in the crowd, don’t get me wrong, but… I guess I just feel a bit foolish for always turning up, happy as can be.

In other news;
I created another account on YouTube… This one purely for my new passtime-fun – videos consisting of fotage from Xena and/or Lucy set to music of various origins. I just couldn’t help myself when the possibility presented itself. *insert laughing smilie here* 😉 The videos uploaded there are also viewable here.


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