Late Christmas

January 8, 2007 at 11:57 pm (Random Ramblings)

A week into January and I haven’t seen snow since October. Not counting that one day (dec 19) when it snowed and everything was white until the next morning.

I just upped a blog here, but remembered I’d forgotten to jot down the events of Christmas.

Last year’s Christmas holiday took place out in the woods in the middle of nowhere (aka – the family’s country estate) and lasted for two weeks. In this time there was alot of nut-cracking, cussing over the Christmas tree losing it’s devilishly sharp needles that of course stuck to your feet and made you squeal in horrid pain every five seconds and also lots of family “fun”…

My sister brought her boyfriend around for a few days, which was nice… Only he spent nearly all his time in the basement. I found out that my uncle had finally grown a spine and filed for divorce (this was actually a good thing, believe it or not) after some 20 years of a tearing marriage. My grandparents apparently had a grand time on a boat somewhere between here and Finland – Grandma got to dance!

And I popped in a DVD of Ainbusk’s Christmas Show from 2005 and found myself on screen more times than I could count, including a closeup… and the part where singer Josefin Nilsson (MY GODDESS) saw me in the crowd and waved to me was ON THE FRIGGIN DVD!!!!!!!!!!!! *faints*

Weeks later I have calmed down from this small “wonderful yet slightly embarrassing” moment and collected myself enough to think it’s kinda cool to have that recorded…


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