Two bits of news today. One good one bad.

February 15, 2007 at 10:17 am (Random Ramblings)

The bad one is that one of Sweden’s most talented actresses (ever – if you ask me) passed away two days ago. Johanna Sällström

Johanna Sällström was 32 years old and left behind a 4 year old daughter. She was alone in her flat when it happened and they have ruled out foul play.

If you pardon my language, heck this is MY site – I’ll say whatever I want(!), this is just so fucking sad!! She was brilliant! Got a Guldbagge (sort of like our version of the Oscars or BAFTA’s) at age 22 for a part so well-played you could have said it was a documentary you were watching, not a film.

Rest In Peace, Johanna. You will be missed!

* * *

The good news is that I got promoted!
After only one day on the job!

On tuesday (13th) I was on an interview, got the job and started the same day. Yesterday (14th) I had the day off, (lovely schedule, eh?). And today my boss phoned me and asked if I could come in early because he wanted to give me my keys and codes and stuff.

I was slightly gobsmacked and figured “What keys? Why do I need codes?” Then he explained that I had been promoted.

WOW!!! That’s a first! Not the promotion-thing itself, but the after only one day-fact…

On top of that, I’ve also gotten a raise. A pretty hefty one at that! My hours wont change and some of my previous workload will be subtracted and replaced by some other things that I’d rather be doing anyway so yay!

However, I’m holding back on my ululations for now, as it all seems a bit too good to be true and I want to see it for myself first. You never know, might get smacked in the face with a cod when I get there.
(no – I’m not working with fish)

Oh well…


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