I love my minions!

February 19, 2007 at 12:08 am (Random Ramblings)

Hehehe, I actually kind of like my new job. It’s sort of a snooze, but – I was on the interview on tuesday, got it, started right away, had wednesday off, and got a promotion on thursday… Could be worse, I reckon…

I currently have five minions (and I call them so lovingly) that I try not to boss around too much. Today, one of them wasn’t able to come into work, so a phoned another one to fill her place. She gets in, tells me she wants to work tomorrow (when the first one *will* be in again) and since we currently only need two people in the office during those specific hours – I get the day off! Yay!

So, my work tomorrow consists of me going over there (I live two minutes away, literally) and lock the door as they leave coz they ain’t got no keys… Heh, mighty fine with me!!

I think I’m getting a cold so having a day off will be nice. Not that I can get away from classes, but what the hey.

I impressed the boss today. Took some initiatives and re-systematized the system a bit. Making the way we work both a bit easier and a bit more effective. hehe. Clever me……

And on wednesday we have a kick-off party at a hotel somewhere in town… Free food!!!!!! YAY!!!!! lol

Ok, I’ve been getting too little oxygen lately…………………..


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