February 20, 2007 at 12:09 am (Random Ramblings)

Turns out I did have a cold coming on after all. I’ve been completely zunked since Tuesday.

It’s hardly anything serious, but it’s one hell of a pain not being able to breathe when the dog has his business to attend to… It’s hard enough just lying here like a couch-potato, feeling utterly useless to the world, and going outside – minding the snow blowing in your face and the ice making your feet slip and you slither across the street like a drunken goose……… *need I continue?*

So I’m on a whine-train today. I think I’m entitled. It’s my second “bad” cold in one month. Ugh… I wish I lived elsewhere, where the temps don’t differ more than say 15 degrees (Celsius) from winter to summer. Preferably both seasons on the positive side of the freezing zero-mark…

With February ending soon, spring should be approaching. If global warming doesn’t skew the seasons like it did last year… I really don’t want snow in April!

I need ice cream!


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