Update on The Pin!

February 22, 2007 at 5:15 pm (Random Ramblings)

As some might remember, I was close to delirious a while back when I found out that a photo of a pin I had created had made its way to Lauren Graham of The Gilmore Girls… There is now a new chapter in this saga.

Now, there are details that I will not retell out of respect for Lauren, so just trust me when I say she had her reasons for what she said and leave it at that.

With that said – Caz, me lovely buddy who happens to be in contact with Lauren on occasion, sent her a nod from me, showing my support and undersigned “the pin-girl”. Apparently, that’s how I’m now known to them (oh dear). Not five minutes later I get a message from Lauren herself on my mySpace!

(waiting to land as I nearly faint)

How cool is this!? How unimaginably awesome is it?? Seriously!
And this is the real Lauren, not a poser! (we have proof of this – lol)

She’s just a really cool person! Can’t believe she took time out of her day to send a message to little old me!


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