When inspiration hits…

February 22, 2007 at 12:10 am (Random Ramblings)

You’ve just got to write ’em down.

Hymn to Her

You shared your hapless story
in all it’s lack of glory
I stood back a stranger
clear in present danger

Without comment you watched me ponder
you waited patiently and somber
but my reply never came
failing you ever the same

Yet still you came back
constantly discounting all which I lack
you held me close
and somebody rose

It wasn’t me
surely, that you must see

you saw in me something
gently sparkling, thinking
you woke it from its slumber
thrashing through me like thunder

Stilly I went down in blaze
reborn of you into the arms of grace
at your mercy I remain
never again merely mundane

Now here with you
this, all I can do
I sing my hymn desireful
to my One, my Beautiful

This is for the collective souls of Marie, Josa, Lennon, Lucy, Chantal and Nerina. All of which has inspired, evoked and changed me throughout the years in different ways. Regardless of however unintentional on their part – their actions have a part in who I am and what I do every day.

Thank you, Ladies.  


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