Paul…… Chill, alright!

February 24, 2007 at 12:14 am (Random Ramblings)

I am sick, dude. I told you this on wednesday when I blew off that dinner/meeting/meet-n-greet-whatever-thingy…..

I was sick then and I am sick now.

Nothing has changed about that fact.


I’m being very patient here, and very accommodating. I’m doing your job FOR you, and better than you, with a fever!

You wont be reading this, of course… But I’m flinging the dirt on the fan anyway. I’m feeling completely miserable and I’m still struggling uphill with this blasted cold. Gonna take some time before I’m back in full force. DEAL, alright!

Gee, didn’t know I was this “valuable” to you….


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