Whoopie! IWD!! *bleh*

March 8, 2007 at 12:10 pm (Random Ramblings)

So today is the International Women’s Day… Recognized by the UN since 1975, yet not as many have heard about it as one would think.

We’re doing this special at work (I’m in PR, well sort of…), where should the customer happen to be a woman – we drop the prices. It’s also my boss’ birthday. Not that either of the two events actually mean that much to me…

Oh well. What can you do?

Found out that there will be a Xena Con in New York in June. I’ve heard the rumours of it for a while now, but last night it was confirmed. There will be a three-day event, and also three concerts with Lucy Lawless.

Normally, I’d be spazzin up the walls over this, but being that it’s in early June, and would set me back some $1400, all it makes me is depressed… =(

I’d sooooooooo much like to go, but that I simply cannot afford! And why the hell did they have to set it in June for?? That’s like three months from now. Why not wait a little and let people get the chance of scraping together the money?!

Most people I’ve talked to are skinned already because of the last con, which was in January, and others just can’t find the funds quickly enough. It’s not like it’s a cheap thing to go to! Granted, in the money I’d dish out is airfare and stuff included, and it’s a pretty long trip to make from here to there, but still… The prices they’re asking – I’m surprised so many are able to attend “all the time”.

*Sighs and sits in a corner to sob…*

Makes for a crappy day… =(


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