Knew it was too good to be true…

March 21, 2007 at 3:14 pm (Random Ramblings)

Ok, so I’ve finally found the catch with my job, which I don’t like at all anymore.

Dear Mr. Bossy seems to have this idea that I don’t have a life. For one.

Today, on my day off, I get a call on my private cellphone. It’s from a coworker of mine asking if I can come by and lock up. Being that it was this particular person, whom I like and enjoy working with, I said sure! I was out and about anyway and hardly thought she deserved the headache it would bring had I said no. It’s hardly her fault that Dear Mr. Bossy doesn’t know professional and organized from complete chaos.

All said and done, I get there (thanks Cazzy), and we talk for a bit to kill time before closing up and leaving at nine pm.

A little over an hour later…………….. Dear Mr. Bossy has the nerve to call me… At ten past frikken’ ten pm, on my day off, asking me to come by the office and let him in since he doesn’t have a key. This is the official top pooch of the capital’s offices………. And he doesn’t have a key….. Err….. What’s wrong here??

Just the day before yesterday he was on my case for calling someone (who shall remain nameless) who had a day off, saying “No one wants to be *disturbed* on their day off.”

AHEM!!!!!!! What the hell do you call phoning someone at ten past FUCKING ten in the evening ON THEIR DAY OFF!??!?!?!?? Puuleeeeeeezzzze!!!!!!

I have a VERY strong wish to live up to my name (vilia – if you speak swedish you’ll understand) and just tell him to fuck off and stick the job where the sun don’t shine…. I’ve been talking to some people (soz mum!) about these turns of events, in greater detail than I care to spell out here, and I’m not so sure I will stay on at this place for longer than the end of the month. If that.

It’s not like the money is worth it.
Granted, I’d miss my peeps. Them I have no trouble with at all. I’m quite fond of them all, in fact. But it’s not like we’d have to nip our friendships in the bud just because the job sucks!

Argh, and there’s so many things I haven’t mentioned here that adds to it all. I’m actually not whining… Just stating facts with pathos… How’s that for a slogan fit for a t-shirt!?


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