Oh… guess that’s bad, huh?

May 16, 2007 at 1:19 pm (Random Ramblings)

Time sure flies by when you don’t want it to! I’m in the last stages of this semester’s school-work, and I’ve got one final in geography to take care of and two papers in philosophy to finish. I have neither started on the papers nor begun studying for the final… Deadline is on Monday and the final in two days.

What the hell went wrong??

Silly question, really. I know precisely what went wrong. And I blame Ellen. No, I don’t, but I seem to live by one of the things she said once; “Procrastinate now, don’t put it off.” Hmm, yeah… Gold medallist – right here!!

I suppose all this could effortlessly have been done had I not been so damn easily distracted, but I know me and that’s an explanation in itself. I just find other things more fun and therefore do them instead. I know – Time to grow up! Did I mention I wanted to be a kid when I grew up??

I’m actually going away for the weekend, leaving in about an hour (note to self – Go pack!), so I will miss my geography final. I’m hoping I can plead my way into taking it later. Why the teacher set it in the middle of a very well-known “holiday”, where people usually skip town, is beyond me. Oh, well. I’ve known about things going to hell for quite some time now, so I’ll be focusing on getting those papers done for now. At least the philosophy final is over and done with. And I think I did okay on it, considering.

Best be running now. Gotta pack, and all…


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