A Special Thank You

May 20, 2007 at 11:00 am (Random Ramblings)

Tin! Tin, Tin, Tin, Tintin!!
My sweet, lovely, dearest Tin!

I was hit by something resembling a creativity train this weekend. It resulted in no less than eight new chapters divided by three stories.

I know! That’s A LOT!!

It started early in the week, when a couple of people lovingly declared to me that I was writing too slow and had neglected my muse for far too long. They wanted part two of The Whiter the Ashes to come out…

I didn’t have the time to do anything about it, but replied to them; “I’ll see what I can do.”

So I arrived here (I’m in the woods, people! THE WOODS, I tell you!) late on Wednesday night. We were stuck in traffic for HOURS… During this time, I was listening to Dolly Parton, thinking about nothing in particular and then these two people made themselves known to me.

Bare with me here – I have not lost my mind, nor misplaced it.

These two people were talking to each other in a way that made me chuckle and the others in the car with me looked at me funny.

As we arrived at the house, I had lost that initial dialogue, but the people were still there in my mind, sitting about, kicking the grey matter in between my ears. So I fired up the computer and tried to bring them out. One was very reluctant so I kidnapped the other one and put her to paper. This would be the “I” in the story Trial by Fire.

The more I worked on it, the less I heard from this “other” person. But another one was showing her face. And she brought a friend! Actually, she brought two… There was a lot of kicking going on at that time…

Naturally, that prompted me to try and breathe life into these new friends of mine. Again, one of them didn’t really want to leave the cushy place I laughingly call my mind, so I focused on the other two. They played along quite well and resulted in the story Disguise the Limit. The third person will join us shortly, though. If I so have to drag her out by force!

I guess Claire and Jenna felt a little left out because they crashed the party soon enough and those fine people requesting another chapter with them got their wish.

So far, so good. Now all I had to do was proof-read and edit the damn things. A task I don’t like because I always find stuff I want to change and that jumbles up whatever grasp I thought I had on the plot so I try not to do that myself…

So I send off this HUGE e-mail to my dearly beloved Tin on Saturday afternoon… Five chapters of Trial by Fire, two of Disguise the Limit and one of The Whiter the Ashes.

I feel a bit bad, knowing she has a life, but clearly state to TAKE HER TIME!!

But does she listen? She’s a lot like Gabrielle in that way…

Sunday morning I get a reply from her. She’s read all the chapters! And if that isn’t enough – she’s gone through them and fixed whatever she didn’t think was intentional on my part and attached to this e-mail was the revised copies of the chapters.

I don’t have a clue how on Gaia’s green earth she managed to do that, and reply to me with a smile, but that’s my Tin for you!

This was the only way I could think of to thank her. Might not be much, but I felt she deserved the praise for what she did.

I promise not to drown you with so much at the same time again! (besides, I doubt my muse will ever be that kind to me again, knock on wood)

But this is for my Tintin;
From the bottom of my heart and the heart of my bottom, I thank you! 😉


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