Long time, no blog… Again…

July 17, 2007 at 10:45 am (Random Ramblings)

So what’s new in my little universe, you might wonder.

Well, firstly, life is keeping me busy and when it isn’t – I’m keeping myself busy. So you can draw the conclusion that I’ve been busy… I’m working on the requested drawings, so if you have been told that you are “on the list” but have yet to see any results – I have not forgotten about you nor am I ignoring you.

I’ve also made two new videos that are up on YouTube. The “Bathroom on the Right”-one was a bet (which I won) and the other, Baby I’m Burning, something that I felt I just had to make. Thankies to Beanie for her help on that one!!

Oh, and get your groaning-hats on! I’ve gotten an idea for a new story… Normally that’s good news, but since I’m already working on three… Well, you get the idea. At least Trial by Fire is nearing its completeness. Just three more chapters to go and it will be done.

Speaking of stories – I’ve got a new Beta! So a big Welcome Aboard to Beanie! She’ll be working alongside Tintin and I’m looking forward to our collaboration.

As some of you know, Tin is from the UK and I was taught British, so with adding Beanie, who is based in the US, to the team I’m hoping the stories will sound more “natural”. Can’t have a bunch of Americans running around spelling things in British, now can we. Well, we can, but it seems a bit off, if you know what I mean.

I’m endlessly grateful to have them both!!


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