New Online Home-away-from-home!

September 17, 2007 at 3:39 pm (Random Ramblings)

Yes! Another blog!

Dear me, you might just think I’ve gone completely crazy in case you didn’t already know that I was…

In any case, I’m looking to change that. I’ll be doing some changes to my various haunts so bare with me while I try and figure this mess out, please.

So, changes – what are they? you might wonder. Then again, you might not, but I’m gonna tell ya anyway.
Firstly, the blog on my “regular” site will be closing. I’ve copied all the entries from there over to here because this one is just so much easier to maintain.

Secondly, I wont be posting any more blogs on my mySpace page. Mostly because the bugger annoys me and I don’t see much use for it anyway. So if anyone’s been reading that – you wont have to anymore. 😉
However, my Writing MySpace (Vilia) will continue as it was intended. As a way for anyone who so wishes to get an automatic update on my literal musings as they get finished – subbing that blog will do just that, no more no less.

Thirdly, all my artwork will be added here in time. I’ll see if I can fix up a proper gallery of some sort, or just link to photobucket, whatever……. The place for updates will be here. That much I know. 😀

 So, until I get a grip on things – “Gone to look for myself. If I return before I get back – keep me here!” 😉


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